Causal API

If you want to pull data into Causal please use one of the supported data integrations. If you want to get data out of Causal use the Google Sheet/Excel/CSV Export. For Enterprise customers we also support exports directly into a data warehouse (Snowflake/BigQuery/...).
Use the API if you want to programmatically update the structure of your model.
Contact us to request an API Token at [email protected]

Quick Start - Example

# clone
curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: Bearer {{TOKEN}}'
# returns {"new_id": NEW_MODEL_ID}
# change variable from 10k to 20k
curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: Bearer {{TOKEN}}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data-binary '{"delta": { "VARIABLE_ID": "20000" } }'
# returns { "success": true }

Edit model

You can use this to make persistent changes to a model's variables.
POST /api/causal_model/{id}
body: {
// this is a map from causal variable id to value;
// if you want your variable to vary over time you have to set a value for EVERY timestep;
// time segments are not supported yet
delta: {
"id0": ["2","5","10"],
"id1": "2 to 4",
example response:
{ "success": true }

Evaluate model

GET /api/causal_model/{id}/eval
body: {}
example response:
// 91944 is a model ID
// 0d9e4d401270447bb7aa8599ccd8b476 is a variable ID
// 2 is the time step (0 indexed)
// 927f44fde84d45498a178c1d9c744677 is a category ID
// 95d8d9c67ac34b7caf09545d8545a994 is a category item ID
{ "_91944_0d9e4d401270447bb7aa8599ccd8b476_2#927f44fde84d45498a178c1d9c744677:95d8d9c67ac34b7caf09545d8545a994":
{ "type": "data",
"distribution": { "type": "Constant", "value": 308750.00975 },
"isData": false

Clone model

POST /api/causal_model/{id}/clone
example response:
{ "new_id": 8932 }