Where your data varies over time, and you track it on a granular basis
The Transactions data format allows you to pull in data on a transaction-by-transaction basis into Causal. This is useful for things that are recorded on a per-day, per-week, or per-event basis, like Sales by Customer. The format rules are:
  • The first column must have the name "Date"
  • The second column must have the name "Type" and contain the variable names
  • The third column must have the name "Value"
Say you're pulling in the above example data into a monthly model, Causal will add all of the transactions for each month, according to the date on which they occurred.
You can add additional columns to the right of Value, in order to create multi-dimensional data items (i.e. data items with categories). See example screenshot below.
Please note that if you want to add a Cohort category this column must be directly after the Value column.
For instructions on how to format transactions spreadsheets for cohorts, go to Cohorts page here
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