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Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are crucial to your efficiency when building or navigating models (not to mention you feel like a wizard when you don’t use the mouse 🧙‍♂️)
Below are a list of the current shortcuts available to you in Causal, split by Mac vs. Windows.
The Command bar is the biggest and baddest shortcut of them all. It allows you to perform a variety of actions at your fingertips - and the best part is you only have to remember one shortcut: ⌘K (Ctrl-K on Windows). You can do things like:
- Change variable/s unit + formatting (precision, magnitude) - Switch between models/views/workspaces/dashboard/scenarios - Add variables to views, add scenarios, add categories, add visuals ... the options are endless and we're constantly adding functionality to the command bar 🚀
Hot tip: You can also enter in your browser to quickly create a new Causal model ⚡️

Mac shortcuts


Windows shortcuts 💾

Replace ⌘/command with Ctrl, and option/⌥ with Alt