What is Causal?

Causal is a spreadsheet designed just for working with numbers and data.
You can use it for performing calculations (modelling, forecasting, scenario planning), visualising data (charts, tables, freeform text), and presenting these in interactive dashboards. And by connecting Causal to your data sources (accounting systems, ERPs, databases, etc), you can incorporate live historical data in your work.
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Causal can be used for anything from back-of-the-napkin calculations to fully-fledged financial models with millions of calculations.
  • Finance teams use Causal to run their company's financial planning processes
  • Marketing teams use Causal to plan their ad spend
  • Startup founders use Causal to calculate their runway and burn
  • Crypto companies use Causal to model the economics of their tokens
  • Non-profits use Causal to measure the cost-effectiveness and impact of their work
Causal has a simple set of "building blocks", but the countless ways of combining them can produce deep, complex, and nuanced functionality. Like Excel, there's (almost) always a way to do what you need to in Causal!