Approval workflows

Note: this feature is a Business plan feature only
When budgeting or forecasting, it is often useful to get input from others on the assumptions you’re making. For example, when forecasting marketing spend, you might want your Head of Marketing to sense check your spend and conversion assumptions across different marketing channels 💰📈
Often, these team members don’t need to see your entire model, nor do they need “live edit” access. You just want them to see the marketing parts of the model, and to be able to make suggestions on the inputs/variables relevant to them. This is what we designed Suggest Edits access for 🙂
This is what the process looks like:
  1. 1.
    Create a View of the model that you want to share (see more on creating views here).
  2. 2.
    Share the View with Suggest Edits access (see more on sharing views here). Note: the user must be a Member of your organisation (see Managing Users here).
3. Your team member/s will then be able to see that View of the model, and can suggest edits by simply adjusting the values and/or formulas of variables, or adding/editing category items.
  • This creates a “Change request” where they can preview how their proposed changes would affect the model. The team member must add a note when they submit their suggested edits.
4. Once they submit their suggested edits, the model admin/s will see this under Pending Changes on their model home page.
5. The model admin/s can then preview the suggested edits, and then either approve or reject them with a note. Causal highlights any changes made in a change request, and shows the previous formula/value if it was changed.
  • Blue highlight for a changed formula/value, or updated category item names or mappings
  • Hover to see the previous formula/value
  • Green highlight for any added category items or category mappings
Happy collaborating 🤘
Note: The Approvals page (visible to both the model admin, and the person who has “suggest edits” access) summarises any draft changes, changes pending for approval, as well as a history of previously approved and rejected changes. Drafts can be edited by the person who has “suggest edits” access by hitting the Preview button.