Legacy exports

We are sunsetting these legacy exports soon, in favour of our new & improved exports! See this page for more info 🤓
Click on the Settings / gear ⚙️ icon in the far right of the toolbar, and then click on the Export section. There are a few options below.

Excel Data Export &/or Formula Export

This exports an .xlsx file of your model, together with any linked models.
Each model in your connected set gets its own tab in the file, and there's a "cover" tab at the start. This outlines the categories, scenarios etc, of the model.
This is useful for easy presentation of your model to people who don't use Causal yet.
Note that the Formula Export functionality is still experimental, and there is sometimes not an equivalent function (for example, Causal has a spread function but Excel does not).
Note: you can also use Views to customize your export. This will just minimize/hide any variables that are not shown in the View. Just activate the view in Causal, then export.

Raw Data Export

This exports either a .xlsx or .csv file with every value in the model. This is a useful format for inputting into another system for further manipulation.

Google Sheets sync

This creates a Google Sheet with every value in the model. You can hit 'sync' in Causal to push updated values to the gsheet automatically.