Importing versions

In an ideal world, your budget/forecast is simply an earlier version of your Causal model. However, if you're new to Causal, your budget may have been created outside of Causal. This means you'll have to follow a slightly different process to import your budget numbers into Causal, in order to create a "budget" vs. "actuals" or "forecast" comparison.
Here’s a quick tutorial:
The process at a high-level:
  • Head to History (top-right of spreadsheet workspace)
  • Click Import version from Google Sheet
  • A Google Sheet template will be auto-generated and connected to Causal for you.
  • Open the Sheet by hitting the blue arrow (screenshot below) and fill in the numbers where appropriate.
  • That Sheet is then synced with Causal as a version, and if/when you update the numbers you can sync/refresh it in Causal by hitting 🔄 in the Version History modal.
Please note that Category or Time 'Formula Aggregation' does not work for imported versions and reverts to SUM Aggregation.