What is a version?

Causal automatically takes snapshots of your model (or set of linked models) at regular intervals.
This is useful for two things:
  1. 1.
    Rolling back to older versions if you want to revert a set of changes
  2. 2.
    Comparing different versions of the model/s against one another (or against actual data).
To navigate to the Version History window, click on the Version button in the toolbar.

Rolling back to older versions

You can roll back to a snapshot by hovering over it and clicking the Roll Back button.

Manually adding a named version

You can also manually save Named Versions of your model (or set of linked models). For example, if you finalise a budget, you can save a version called "Budget 2023" and refer back to it later or use it in charts and tables as a comparison against actuals.
To save a Named Version, type in a name in the text box next to New Version and hit Create.
You can also view Named Versions but will not be able to edit anything in it, unless you roll-back.
Note: If you have a model that is linked to a Data Source, each Version will use the values from the Data Source that existed when the version was saved (i.e. when the snapshot was taken). Versions will not be re-evaluated, e.g. if values in the data source change. However if you roll the model back to that version, it does get re-evaluated with updated values from the Data Source.
Note: If you change the start date or granularity of a model, you will no longer be able to compare with prior versions.