Creating categories

Via the Spreadsheet

Hover over a variable and click on the Categories button to create a category.

Via the Data Tables

You can also create a category via the Data Tables section at the bottom of the screen. Click on the Categories dropdown, then the + New Category button. You can rename a category by double-clicking on its name in the data table view.
The Data Tables section at the bottom of the screen lets you easily work with categorical data. See Data Tables in The Causal Interface.
Causal shows a data table view for each category of your model. The first column of the data table is always its primary category. Subsequent columns represent variables or other categories.
A variable will appear as a column in a data table if:
  • It uses the data table's category; and
  • Its values are all hardcoded (i.e. not generated from a formula)

Via a data source

Adding category items

Add new category items in the bottom row of the Data Tables section where it says New Item.
To paste data in (e.g. from a spreadsheet), simply copy your data, then select your row/s, and paste (Ctrl/Cmd + V). Causal will "paste over" whatever row/s you had selected. If you don't want to paste over what you have already in the Data Table, then create a New Item at the bottom of the table (you may have to take off alphabetical sorting if you have that applied), select that New Item, and paste over that.
Note that all category items for a category must be unique, i.e. you cannot have two duplicate category items.