Multi-player modeling

Causal now supports multi-player modeling in the spreadsheet workspace!

If you’re in the same model as other team members:

  • You can see who else is in the model (their initials icon will show up at the top right, and you can hover to see their full name)
  • If they make any edits, you will get a pop-up that allows you to pull in their changes.
    • “What if I don’t”? - If you ignore the pop-up and make changes, we will combine the changes together automatically

What happens if the changes conflict?

  • If the changes conflict, the latest change wins
  • Examples of this are:
    • Editing the name of the same variable at the same time
    • Editing a formula of the same variable at the same time (unless you’re editing the formula for different timesteps of a variable, or different category items of a variable - in which case, the changes don’t conflict and Causal will combine them)
  • The only exception to this rule is if someone deletes something (e.g. a variable), then another person tries to rename it, the deletion wins.

Other exceptions to note:

  • For Charts and Tables, Causal does not combine changes, so if you’re editing the same visual at the same time as a team member, be aware that the latest change wins!
  • For Category Item re-ordering in the data table, we cannot combine changes right now, so if you’re editing the order at the same time as a team member, the latest change wins!
  • For Time Settings and other advanced Model Options, the latest change wins!


Can I get rid of the pop-up altogether?

  • Yes! You can dismiss the pop-up for your session by clicking the x at the top right, “don’t show this again”. This will disable it until you next refresh your browser, or open the model. You will still see the “New edits” button (and can click on this to pull edits), but you won’t see the pop-up.

What if a team member is in another linked model?

  • We only show you who is in the current model that you’re in.
  • When switching to a new tab (another linked model), Causal will automatically pull in the latest version of that model (i.e. we’ll include your team members’ edits!)