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Causal reads the following financial statements from QuickBooks:

  • P&L
  • Balance Sheet

These are converted into Data sources in Causal, letting you connect variables in Causal to line items in the financial statements.

Causal doesn't write any data back to QuickBooks.

Connecting to QuickBooks

  1. Go to the Data Sources page: https://my.causal.app/data
  2. Click on QuickBooks under the New Data Source section.
  3. Click Connect to QuickBooks and follow the instructions in QuickBooks' authentication flow.
  4. Select the Account and Dataset you'd like to connect to, using the drop-downs.
  5. Click Create Data Source. You can now use your QuickBooks data source in the same way as other data sources in Causal.

Disconnecting from QuickBooks

To disconnect from QuickBooks, select your QuickBooks data source from the data page and click Disconnect.


Can you bring in dimensions (e.g. classes and departments) from QuickBooks into Causal as a Category?

Yes! Click "Edit this Datasource" in the Overview tab:

Then choose "Use classes" or "Use departments". Only select the ones you actually need. The refresh time will increase significantly if you have many classes or departments.

It's also possible to "Pull Vendors and Customers" as data source categories. QuickBooks Online doesn't provide this breakdown, so we calculate the financial statements based on the transactions if you enable this setting. If you have many transactions the initial setup can take several hours or even days if you enable this setting.