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Causal reads the following financial statements from Xero:
  • P&L
  • Balance Sheet
These are converted into Data sources in Causal, letting you connect variables in Causal to line items in the financial statements.
Causal doesn't write any data back to Xero.

Connecting to Xero

  1. 1.
    Go to the Data Sources page:
  2. 2.
    Click New Data Source and select Xero
  3. 3.
    Click New Connection and follow the instructions in Xero's authentication flow
  1. 4.
    Choose the appropriate settings and click Create Data Source

Disconnecting from Xero

To disconnect from Xero, select your Xero data connection from the data page and click Disconnect.

Import data until

By default, Causal pulls in data for all periods (e.g. months) where data is available (or in the case of Xero/QuickBooks, until the last completed month).
However, in certain instances it may be useful to pull in data only until a specific month, for example: when your accounting books are not ready yet. To do that you'll need to enable Import data until (go here to read more).


Can you bring in tracking categories from Xero into Causal as a category?

Yes! Click "Edit this Datasource" in the Overview tab:
Then choose the tracking categories you want to pull in. Only select the ones you actually need. The refresh time will increase significantly if you have many tracking category items.
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