Import data until

By default, Causal pulls in data for all periods (e.g. months) where data is available (or in the case of Xero/QuickBooks, until the last completed month).
However, in certain instances it may be useful to pull in data only until a specific month, for example:
  • When your accounting books are not ready yet
  • If your data for a particular month has not been finalized or cleaned
To do that click the time range at the top left of your model, enable Import data until, and set your date. You can toggle this back off once you're ready to pull in data again.
Note: Causal also has a setting Last Actual Date which determines what is displayed as an "Actual". Unlike Import Data Until, it does not affect calculations, unless you use the lastActualDate helper variable in your formulas.
Usually Import Data Until and Last Actual Date will be set to the same date, unless you are importing future data into Causal.