Import data until

What is Import data until?

By default, Causal pulls in data for all periods (e.g. months) where data is available, up until the Last actual date. Import data until is a data source level setting within each model, that allows you to override the Last actual date, for particular data sources only.

This is useful in two main situations:

  1. If you have one data source where you want to restrict months of data (to a month/time step earlier than the Last actual date), but all other data sources in the same model should still use the model-level last actual date (e.g. if one data source has data that is not yet usable or accurate).
  2. If you have a data source that contains forecast data (e.g. if you forecast some metrics outside of Causal), and want to connect that data to a model that also contains normal historic data up to the Last actual date.

If you’ve turned Import data until on for a data source, that will take precedence over the Last actual date in that model, for that data source only.

If you want to pull in new data for that data source (or cut off data earlier for that data source), you need to do so manually (via refreshing the data source, and/or updating the Import data until date).

How to adjust the Import data until setting

You can find the setting when previewing a data source within the model. Turn it on by clicking the 3 dots and setting a date. Once on, the data source header will display the Import data until date.