Sharing folders

Beta feature 🚨
Please note that folder sharing is currently a BETA feature, so please treat with caution as we are in this testing phase. Given it is a new feature you may also experience some issues (or have feedback), please reach out to us if you do!
As well as sharing models, you can now also share entire folders 📂 This is useful when you have various models that you want to organise in a folder structure, and share with a common set of people (similar to Google Drive).
The three access types are view, edit, and admin:
  • View: can see the folder and its contents, and view the dashboards of the models inside
  • Edit: can see the folder and its contents, and create/edit the models inside
  • Admin: can see the folder and its contents, create/edit/delete models inside, and change the sharing settings of the folders/models (you can even unshare the folder with the original creator).

How does it work?

When you share a folder, it shares everything within that folder too (including models, as well as folders). Anyone you share the folder with will have at least that much access to all of the models/folders within the folder.
You can also grant higher access to specific models/folders within the folder. For example:
  • I'm the CFO of Company X.
  • I create a folder called Finance, and share it with my Finance team by giving them View access
  • However, I want my VP Strategic Finance to have edit access to the Revenue model within the Finance folder.
  • I can head to the sharing settings of the Revenue model and grant that specific user edit access on the model.


Can I give someone lower access to a model/folder than I have granted them at the parent folder level?
No. If you share a folder with someone, they will have at least that much access to all of the models/folders within the folder.
Can I grant someone access to a model that doesn't have any access to the parent folder the model is in?
Yes! The model will just show up by itself on their model home page, as opposed to being within the folder. See more on Sharing models here.
If someone is a Viewer user type in my Organisation, can I give them edit access to a model?
No - Viewers can only ever view model dashboards. See our docs here on Managing users.
Who can move models and folders in/out of folders?
Folder admins can move folders, and model admins can move models if: the mover has edit access to the folder they are moving from/to.