Category aggregation
By default, Causal will take the sum of each category item's value, to aggregate the variable. To change this, right-click on the variable and select a different Category Aggregation. For example, if you've split Bonus % input by Department, it might be more appropriate to see the average of the Departments, not the total.
Other options are:
  • None: can be used when there is no meaningful way to aggregate a variable - it will just show a dash instead of any number. See None Values for more.
  • Min and Max: takes the minimum or the maximum value of the category
  • Formula: uses the variable's formula to calculate an aggregation value. E.g. let's say you have a Variable 1 that uses the average and Variable 2 that uses the sum as the aggregations function. If you create a variable with the formula Variable 1 + Variable 2 and use the Formula aggregation, the aggregated value is the average of Variable 1 + the sum of Variable 2
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