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Connecting to Slides, Slack and more

We’ve partnered with Plus so users can view live Causal charts and tables directly in Google Slides, Slack, Notion and more⚡️

  1. How does it work?
  2. Why is it useful?
  3. Setup for Plus
  4. Creating a Snapshot
  5. Setup for Slides
  6. Setup for Slack
  7. FAQ

How does it work?

Take a Snapshot of your Causal chart/table using Plus. Snapshots are like live screenshots that embed anywhere. Snapshots will always use the freshest values from Causal, based on the refresh frequency that you set up!

Why is it useful?

  • Refresh entire Google Slides decks with a click of a button! Automate your internal or investor reporting as much as possible.
  • Keep your team updated with the freshest metrics + data in Slack by scheduling automated pings (e.g. "Send this MRR metric to the #gtm channel every day at 9AM”)
  • If you use other tools, and they support embedding (e.g. Notion, Coda, Confluence), use Plus + Causal to ensure you’re sharing your data where discussion actually happens!

Setup for Plus

  1. Sign up for Plus here (completely free)
  2. Click the Add to Chrome button here to install the Plus extension, then log into your Plus account. We recommend "pinning" the extension so it is accessible for taking new Snapshots
  • Note: The first time you open a new tab after installing the extension, you'll see a prompt asking you whether you want to allow Plus to change your new tab experience. You must click "Keep it" to continue using Plus, even if you don't want to use the new tab experience from Plus. To disable the new tab experience, click the gear icon in the top right of a new tab, and then select "Disable this screen"

Creating a Snapshot

  1. Navgiate to your model Dashboard by going to the Dashboard workspace and then Preview in the top-right of your model
  2. Click the Plus chrome extension button, click Take Snapshot
  3. This will open a new window, where you can select which chart/table you want to capture as a Snapshot

Setup for Slides

  • If you've made updates to your model/charts/data in Causal, you can simply hit Refresh Snapshots to pull in the freshest Snapshots from Causal (this will refresh all snapshots in the presentation at once).
    • If you only want to refresh one Snapshot, hover over that Snapshot in the sidebar --> hit the ... --> select Refresh Snapshot.

--> 🔗 Click here to go to Plus' full docs on Google Slides here

Setup for Slack

  • After following Setup for Plus above, head to the Plus app, click on Integrations in the bottom left of the sidebar, navigate to Slack and install the app. Make sure you are connected to the correct Slack workspace, then click "Allow." If your browser asks you, click on "Open this link in Slack."
  • You should now be taken to the Plus app inside of Slack. Click on Link my account, which will open a Plus page in your browser. Click on Link my account to finish set up.
Click "Link my account" to finish setting up the Plus app for Slack
  • Find the URL of the Snapshot you want to share by heading to the Plus app -> clicking the 3 dots on the Snapshot -> copy link 🔗
  • You can share Snapshots with others in a couple of different ways:
    • One-off messages: when you send a a Plus URL in a Slack message, the Plus app will unfurl a preview of that Snapshot or Page. (This preview is a static image that does not automatically update).
  • Recurring scheduled pings ("subscriptions"): Subscriptions allow you specify a recurring schedule on which a Snapshot will be sent to a public channel automatically, like "Send this MRR metric to the #gtm channel every day at 9AM”.
    • Create a new subscription from the Plus app tab in Slack (under Apps on your left-sidebar)
    • Specify a Plus URL, pick a destination channel (must be public), select which days you want the message to send, and specify a time. You can also schedule a refresh 5 minutes before the subscription time, to ensure that the Snapshot will have the latest data when it sends.

-> 🔗 Click here to go to Plus' full docs on Slack here


  • Multiple Google Accounts: The Slides add-on does not support multiple Google accounts, so you should make sure you are only logged into the one you'd like to use with Plus. If you need, you can set up Chrome profiles to manage multiple Google accounts more easily.
  • If you have any other questions - peek through Plus' documentation here - or reach out to them!