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Okta Single Sign On

Here's how to setup a Causal application in Okta

What You'll Need

In order to set up the Causal application, you'll need, for single sign on:

  • An ACS URL
  • SP Entity ID

And for directory synchronisation:

  • Endpoint URL
  • A secret bearer token

Reach out to your Customer Success manager if you don't have these details yet.

Setting Up Single Sign On

Select 'Create App Integration' from the 'Applications' page in the Okta dashboard:

An then create a SAML 2.0 app:

Enter a name for the application:

Then input the provided ACS URL for the 'single sign on URL' and the provided SP Entity ID:

Scroll down to 'Attribute Statements', and set it up as shown:

Once your application has been set up, please click on 'Identity Provider metadata':

A separate tab will open. Please provide this URL to Causal:

Setting Up Directory Synchronisation

Enable SCIM provisioning for the Causal app:

Click on the Provisioning tab, and change the settings as shown here, using your provided endpoint URL for the 'SCIM connector base URL' and the provided secret bearer token for the HTTP Header:

Make sure create, update and deactivate provisioning is enabled:

That should be all!