To allow Causal to connect to your Redshift database, you'll need to action the following items:

1. Make your database publicly accessible

2. White list Causal IP addresses

Make your database publicly accessible

To do this:

1. Go to the Properties of your Redshift cluster.

2. Verify the setting, correct setting is Enabled, if not, hit Edit

3. Enable the setting and hit Save changes, allow for up to 10 minutes for the changes to take effect.

White list ALL of the following static IP addresses for access:


Note: be sure to make it so that your Redshift database is only accessible with a strong username and password combination when white listing these IP addresses.

To do this:

1. Go to the properties of your Redshift cluster and click on the VPC security group.

2. Click the Inbound rules-tab and then Edit inbound rules.

3. Select the Redshift type, add your external IP address in CIDR block format and click Save rules.

Data Connection Form

Complete the data connection form above with the following details:


Once authenticated you will be brought to a configuration form like this:

To configure your Redshift data source you will need to specify the query, the date column, and any variable columns. The date column should be one of Redshift's date formats and variable columns should be numeric.

Any columns that aren't a date or variable column will be considered a category, and should have a string type. An exception is the 'cohort' category, which should be a date, with the column header explicitly labelled Cohort.

For more details about how to write queries for Causal data sources check out Table Format.