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Causal does not yet connect directly with Rippling, however you can follow the below instructions to connect your Rippling data to Causal via a Google Sheet.

  1. Go to https://app.rippling.com/reports/create-report-v2
  2. Click “Start from scratch”
  3. Use the search bar at the top right and add the following fields
    1. Employee name
    2. Title
    3. Department
    4. Work location address - country
    5. Employment status > Start date
    6. Employment status > End date
    7. Compensation > Annual compensation
  4. Click “Continue”
  5. Remove employment status = active filter
  6. Click “Run report”
  7. Click “Convert currencies” and select USD
  8. Click “Save” and call it “Causal Export”
  9. Click “Download report”
    1. File type = Excel
    2. Currency fields = Separate columns for currency type and value
  10. Make a copy of this Google Sheet (File -> Make a Copy).
  11. Paste values from the Rippling export from step 9, into the Import from Rippling tab
  12. Connect the Causal Headcount Data tab to Causal (and then to your Headcount model), following the instructions here. Note: the Causal Headcount Data tab pulls from the Import from Rippling tab using a formula, but changes the column headings so that Causal can ingest the data properly (following our Table format rules here). Do not edit anything on this tab.