Connecting to your payroll data

First, you need to create a data source with your payroll data. The available options are:

How to use payroll data in Causal

Once connected, you'll want to sort that data, then pull it into your Headcount (or other applicable) model. The following applies whether you have connected to your payroll provider using Merge, or via Google Sheets.
  1. 1.
    In that same Data tab on the homepage, you should now see your payroll data under 'Your data sources'.
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    If you click on the relevant data source, you should see all of the ranges being pulled in, and if you click the categories tab, you can create Causal categories as you wish.
3. Once the categories and data are in Causal, you can go into the Headcount model, and:
  • Link the categories to the headcount model (e.g. Employee, Title, Department)
  • Add variables (e.g. Start Date, Annual Salary) from the data source, and format appropriately.
4. Go forth and build variables/calculation as you wish from there! You may want to checkout our forum post on 'How do I build a headcount model?' and the template headcount model here.