Active headcount

  • Note that both Start Date and End Date are broken down by the Employee category
  • End date will have to have Empty Value setting of None (this is the default for variables formatted as Dates)
  • The result is a flag, which returns a 1 for each month that the employee that is active with the company, and 0 when they are not
  • The Total of all Employees will reflect Total Headcount for each month for the company

Headcount by Department

  • As long as your employees are mapped to a department you can reference any variable broken by employee and group by Department (or any other mappings)

New Hire

  • Returns a 1 on the employees start date, useful for things like New Hire Capex (e.g. Laptops)


  • The first part of the formula sets the bonus month to January (1)
  • Start Date < date - 6 ensures employees have been with the company at least 6 months before receiving a bonus
  • Annual Salary * Bonus Target % results in the bonus amount. Multiplying by Headcount will ensure that the bonus is paid only if the employee is active (see Headcount formula above)
  • Note that the Bonus Target % can be set at Department level, seniority, or any other level depending on how you map your categories

Flat fee per person costs

  • Simply set a per employee assumption (can be by department, etc.) as a flat rate
  • Multiply that rate by your headcount

Percentage of salary costs

  • Simply apply a % rate to the applicable cost base
  • Like all inputs they can be split into categories for more granular approaches

Geography specific calculations