Comments and collaboration

There are two main areas for commenting in Causal: in the spreadsheet (to collaborate with fellow model builders/editors), and on the dashboard (to collaborate with your end-users, e.g. your business partners, investors etc).

Tag collaborators in comments to directly notify them via email (type / click @). Click on the Comments button in the top-right spreadsheet/dashboard to see an overview of all the comments.

Comments on variables and cells in the spreadsheet

Start a comment thread on a variable by hitting 'shift+c' on your keyboard, or right-clicking and hitting Add comment. You can either comment on the variable as a whole, or comment on a specific cell within the variable (e.g. specific month or category item).

Comment on a variable
Comment on a specific cell

See: Variable comments and descriptions to learn about variable descriptions and in-line formula commentary.

Comments on the dashboard

Start (or reply to) a comment thread on a chart/table by hitting the comment icon at the top-right of the visual.

Commenting on the dashboard

Comment permissions

  • There are two main areas for comments: in the spreadsheet, and on the dashboard.
    • Those with Edit (and above) access to a model can see and interact with all comments across the spreadsheet and the dashboard.
    • Those with View access only can see/interact with comments on the dashboard.
    • If you only have access to the dashboard via a public/private link, you cannot see/reply to existing threads or create new.
    • Comments on the spreadsheet are not shown in “read-only spreadsheet on dashboard” (for everyone, regardless of access to model)
  • Comment threads only show up in the views and/or scenarios they were created in, and only for those who have access to those views and/or scenarios. For example, if you create a comment in the High Spend scenario, only those who have access to the High Spend scenario will be able to see/reply to the thread.