Comments & descriptions

Comments on a variable

Leave a comment on a variable by hitting 'c' on your keyboard, or right-clicking and hitting Add comment.
You can think of a comment as a temporary note or open question to yourself or someone you're collaborating with. Once a comment is made, others can reply to it on the same thread, then it can be deleted or resolved.
You can tag collaborators in comments to directly notify them via email. Type @ to trigger the tagging autocomplete when writing a comment.
Click on the Comments button in the toolbar to see an overview of all the comments in a model.


Descriptions are meant to be more permanent explanations of a variable/formula. You can think of them as an ongoing guide for anyone looking at the model. Add a description by right-clicking and hitting Add Description. Edit by double-clicking.
If you create a description for a variable in the Inputs section, it will also show in the Dashboard.

Comments within a formula

  • You can also add comments within your formulas with a double slash // Everything between the double slash and the end of the line will be ignored by Causal when calculating. This is useful when you want to remind yourself (or others) what the formula is doing.