There are three distinct types of permissioning in Causal:
  1. 1.
    Organisation-level permissions (i.e. User Roles, Teams)
  2. 2.
    Model-level access
  3. 3.
    Folder-level access

Organisation-level permissions

At the Organisation level, there are three User Roles: Admins, Members, and Viewers.
  • Within Organisations you can have various Teams (e.g. the Tesla organisation can have a Finance team and a Marketing team).

Model-level access

On a model-by-model basis, there are the following options: (see Sharing models for more)​
  • Share entire model directly with specific Causal users, (or with your entire Organisation, or an entire team within your Organisation). Sharing options are:
    • Admin
    • Can edit
    • Can view
  • Share only a limited View of the model (see here for more on Views).
  • Share via public or private link (dashboard only).
--> See Sharing models and Managing users for more
If a user is a Viewer they will only ever be able to view the model dashboards.
If a user is a Member they will have whatever access you grant them to the specific model/view. See Managing Users for more.

Folder-level access

You can also grant access to a folder (Admin, Edit, View), which implicitly gives that same access to all of the models/folders within it. See Sharing folders for more.