Sharing views

Note: the ability to share views is a paying plan feature only 🚀

How to share a View

From the View modal

From the Share modal

Who can share a View?

​Only those with full/admin access to a model can share a View. Model editors cannot share Views.

Sharing options

Can edit within view

User can make live edits to anything visible to them in the view.

Can suggest edits

User can't make live edits but they can suggest edits and preview the result of their suggestions within the View. See Approval Workflows for more.

Can view

User can view model dashboard only, edits not permitted.
If a user is a Viewer they will only ever be able to view the model dashboard.
If a user is a Member they will have whatever access you grant them to the specific model/view. See Managing Users for more.

What can be "viewed"?

If someone has access to only a View/s, then they can only see that View/s.
If someone has access to a Model and to a View within that model, they will be able to see both.
See Filter types for the best way of setting up your View to ensure what is visible is exactly as intended. We suggest previewing your view before you share it, if there is sensitive info.

What can be "edited"?

When you share a view with someone else (and give them either Can edit within view or Can suggest edits access), they are only allowed to make certain edits to the model.
In general, they can only update the variables and categories that are visible, and they cannot make any structural changes to the model. Here are the changes that are allowed:

When the view filters by category items

If you have a view that filters a certain category to only include some items, users you share that view with can only update those items. They can:
  • Rename the items (e.g. rename “Engineering” to “AI”)
  • Update the formulas for those items (e.g. change Projected Equipment Costs from $100,000 to $200,000 for the Sales department)
These permissions also account for mappings. For example, if you have a category called Employees, where each employee is mapped to a Department, and you share a view including the Engineering department, then the person you share with can:
  • Add Engineering employees
  • Remove Engineering employees currently mapped to the Engineering department
  • Rename Engineering employees
  • Update formulas for Engineering employees (e.g. change Base Salary from $100,000 to $120,000 for a certain employee)
If the person you share with tries to make a change they’re not allowed to make, Causal will block the change and notify them.

When the view filters by variables

If the view you share filters out certain variables, then users will neither be able to see nor update those hidden variables.

When the view filters by scenarios

If the view you share filters out certain scenarios, then users will neither be able to see nor update those hidden scenarios.
If a variable does not have any special formula in a scenario, its value will fall back to the default scenario. Make sure you filter out any variables you don't want a user to see, if they are unchanged from the default scenario.