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Causal has three main types of charts:

  1. Bar 📊
  2. Line 📈
  3. Combination of bar & line 📊📈

Settings on charts

Common setting options across visuals

First up - make sure you've skimmed the common setting options across visuals.

Variable by variable settings

  • Plot variables on the left or right axis
  • Plot one variable as a line, and another as a bar
  • Choose colour to represent each variable (by clicking the colour circle)
  • Show the growth rate of a variable/s over time
  • Show multiple Scenarios for a variable.

Change colour

  • Cmd/Ctrl + Click directly on the chart to change the colour of a category item or variable.

Show labels

  • Displays the value of that variable at each point in time

Version options

  • You can display more than one version at a time by selecting them in the version option settings.

Sort by values

  • This sorts by biggest -> smallest based on the first time period, and applies that sorting across all future periods.

Vertical today line

Confidence Intervals

Where the variable you are visualising has a range applied, you will see a confidence interval displayed. You can amend the % confidence interval to apply in the Advanced settings of the Visual.